Keep Sexism Out of Math

Neuroscience says so. For anyone still claiming that women pursue careers in math less frequently than men because of biological differences: let that misinformation go. Little evidence has ever supported that school of thought, and the minimal amounts that have never successfully disentangled intrinsic biological factors from sociocultural ones...Continued on Psychology Today

Tripping Nemo: Zebrafish on Ayahuasca

Does ayahuasca use affect our brains? Researchers ask our fishy friends. Maybe you’ve heard of ayahuasca, a mind-altering brew that many travel to South America to sample. Over the last few years public interest in this beverage—whose active ingredients are a combination of β-carbolines in the ayahuasca vine and psychoactive compound dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from the... Continue Reading →

Your Brain On Christmas

Originally posted in Psychology Today December 24, 2018 As a kid I would start my Christmas countdown in July. To this day my parents remind me of my elementary school age “post-Christmas meltdowns.” On December 26th they often found me in tears, lamenting the hundreds of days that stood between me and next year’s Christmas… [Continued... Continue Reading →

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