Choose a program, have a life

September 8, 2017 As I formally accepted the offer to join my Ph.D. program, the massive weight on my chest began to dissolve, my shoulders relaxed, and my headache subsided. Choosing a program had been quite the roller coaster ride, filled with uncertainty and sleepless nights. “Phew, well that's finally over,” I said to myself.... Continue Reading →

Zika: Has this virus lost its bite?

Originally published by NeuWrite San Diego August 17, 2017 Do you live in a generally cool, dry place and rarely think about mosquitoes? Was last year’s Zika outbreak of little personal concern? You may not have the option of staying carefree for much longer. The Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito is already enjoying widespread breeding grounds as temperatures steadily rise across... Continue Reading →

Navigating the Shifting Academic Research Landscape: Advice for the Junior Scientist

Originally posted in Future of Research May 3, 2017 Procuring a tenure-track faculty position in academic scientific research is becoming an elusive dream for an ever-increasing number of junior candidates.  With the current percentage of successful faculty applicants hovering just above 15%, the majority of those with a Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences are considering alternative career... Continue Reading →

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